Coin Portraits

Portraits of pets or humans hand carved onto coins

A gift like no other

A portrait of a loved one be it a pet, friend or family member on a coin to mount and frame, to wear as jewellery, to use as a key fob or just as a keepsake. It will make a unique one-of-a-kind memento for yourself or any other lucky recipient.

JustĀ send me a pic of your subject (pet or human) and I will hand carve a portrait onto an appropriate coin. I’m happy to ship worldwide.

I usually allow two weeks from receipt of order but as Christmas approaches waiting times may change so if your thinking of a Christmas gift it’s worth getting in early as there are only so many I can produce as they are totally uniquely hand crafted items.

“Wow wow wow Neil, just received the coin and I am delighted with it. Think the other half will be too. Birthday is today and as we now only have the one dog (Beau), a great gift – you are very talented to do them and come up with the concept.
Many thanks, Gail”


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